20 Stories Later - A Remix Overdose (Part I)

by Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III.



After the successful remix contest by DEAD Magazine and Equinox Records for the track “20 Stories Later” by Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III. – that featured vocals by 2Mex, Ceschi and James P Honey – we proudly present “20 Stories Later - A Remix Overdose”.

"A Remix Overdose" is a collection of the best (highest ranked) remixes that were turned in. The release comes in two separate parts as there were so many incredible new versions that we had to split it to avoid making this sound a bit “over-crowded”.

The first part (eqxdgtl-008) features remixes by Haunted Days & Witch’s Teat from France (1st place – contest winners), Starflyer from Greece (2nd place), ManBlanket from the States (also 2nd place), as well as Bombers Of Consciousness (Greece), Chryso (Germany) and Mattr (Switzerland). Instrumental versions for all remixes are also included on this release, so this is a total of 12 tracks within.

The second part (eqxdgtl-009) features the remixes that have a more "clubby" or sometimes dubstep influence and these are from Le Parasite (France), SiC (Germany), Kromatik (Germany), Ulle Kamelle (Germany) and Danny Decock (Austria). All instrumental versions are also included but, additionally, this part also includes a grimey bonus remix track by James Low (UK), so this make this part an 11 track release.

The combination of these two parts makes the collection an ultimate addendum to the Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III. EP, entitled “6 Year Later EP”, which includes the original track. “6 Years Later” came out on July, 20th on Equinox Records as a Limited 10” Vinyl and a Digital Download (read more about it here: www.e-q-x.net/releases/eqx040/)


released December 31, 2012

All tracks based on a composition by Misanthrop (A. Fischer) & Aqua Luminus III. (Z. Boot).
Vocals written and performed by 2Mex, Ceschi Ramos & James P Honey.

(01) Remix and Additional Production by Haunted Days & Witch's Teat (J.-F. Dano / M. Thomas)
(02) Remix and Additional Production by Starflyer (A. Tserepas)
(03) Remix and Additional Production by ManBlanket (M. Cupp)
(04) Remix and Additional Production by Bombers Of Consciousness (L. Massavetas)
(05) Remix and Additional Production by Chryso (C. Histel)
(06) Remix and Additional Production by mattr (P. S. Daeppen)

Mixed by the respective artists.

Mastered by Andreikelos

Artwork & Sleeve Design by Alexandros Tserepas (partly based on an Artwork by The Raincoatman)
Additional Layout Assistance by RNCTMN

Project Coordination: SCNTST

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